In the Physiotherapy Student Morning (MEF), future physiotherapists will be the real stars. Designed to bring the College closer to physiotherapy students and foster their sense of belonging to this noble profession, the MEF is an opportunity to strengthen cohesion as a group and grow together as a collective.

With this initiative, the Official College of Physiotherapists of the Valencian Community (ICOFCV) promotes the active participation of students in their training and professional development, giving them the opportunity to select the themes of the three presentations that will take place in the MEF. MEF.

In addition, during the conference, which will take place on the morning of Friday, November 10, each student author of the Physiotherapy 2023 Final Degree Projects (TFG), selected by each university, will present their work to the attendees (it will be valued by a court). The two best defenses of the TFG will be awarded by the ICOFCV.

It is not only an opportunity for students. Teachers and physiotherapists, in general, will also be able to enjoy the contents presented and learn new fields of action in Physiotherapy.

Price of admission is 8 euros if you are a Physical Therapy student in the Valencian Community or member of the ICOFCV and your is completed before September 29; it will be 15 euros after that date. We feel this is a modicum price adequate to cover the cost of coffee breaks and make attendance as economical as possible.

Do not miss it! Enroll in the MEF and be part of an exciting journey, full of learning and opportunities in an inspiring and enriching environment.

Vicent Pontes Forner
Presidente del Matinal de Estudiantes de Fisioterapia


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