¡Bienvenidos a Fisioterapia3, un evento singular!

The Valencian physical therapy professional community continues growing. This year, we raise the bar offering three events into one. It’s time for physical therapists to wake up, take a step and focus on what’s needed to vindicate and demonstrate what we are capable of; not just for our own interest but for our patients and the population we serve.

Physical Therapy to the Third Power will gather physical therapy students, clinicians with tendinopathy interests and experts in oncologic Physical Therapy to explore new ideas, share knowledge and strengthen our profession.

I believe physical therapy students must comprehend the reality of our profession as soon as possible, understand the high and low points of what it means to be a physical therapist and, through this process, actively participate in our profession.

During this event, oncologic physical therapists will demonstrate clinical interventions based on evidence; we feel the prescription of therapeutic exercise must be represented in this event because patients are best served by clinical interventions provided exclusively by health care professionals.

El simposio de tendón (International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium) es una oportunidad única para aprender de los máximos exponentes mundiales sobre la recuperación de esta estructura. Tenemos la suerte de que este grupo haya elegido Valencia como sede de la sexta edición, después del largo letargo impuesto por la pandemia.

Physical Therapy to the Thrid Degree will allow us to realise just how receptive the physical therapists in the Valencian Community are, thus directing us in the direction we must take for future events. I am certain the community response to this symposium will be excellent, a great opportunity to share knowledge, solidify our resolve and be social among peers once again.

Friday night will hold, among other activities, a formal dinner to honor those physical therapists members of the ICOFCV who, having consistently stood up in the defense of Physical Therapy, deserve the public recognition of their peers. We are sure the distinction of these colleages as ICOFCV Honorific Members will be one of the highlights of this gala.

I would like to thank the entire team who has made this event possible: members of scientific and organizational committees, ICOFCV staff and academic institutions.

This event gives us the opportunity to show the Valencian society and political leaders what physical therapists are capable of.

In the name of the ICOFCV I encourage you all to attend this conference, we are certain you will enjoy it. See you at the Ciudad de las Ciencias in Valencia!

Josep Benítez

Presidente de Fisioterapia3  

 Decano del Colegio Oficial de Fisioterapeutas de la Comunidad Valenciana

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